TeneoBio, Inc. is a biotechnology company that is developing a new class of biologics, Human Heavy Chain Antibodies (UniAbs™), as therapeutics against cancer, autoimmunity, and infectious diseases. TeneoBio has several products in pre-clinical development for the treatment of multiple myeloma, prostate cancer, immune disorders and AIDS.

TeneoBio’s antibody discovery engine is based on UniRat™, a proprietary heavy chain only, human immunoglobulin transgenic rat.  We apply a novel sequence-based discovery approach using NGS, bioinformatics and high-throughput recombinant protein expression.  This approach identifies a large set of diverse UniAb leads with broad epitope coverage of target antigens.

The high affinity and robust function of UniAbs combine antibody specificity with excellent developability.  The UniAbs’ fully human VH domains, UniDabs™, are versatile building blocks that can be linked to Fc’s or serum albumin for the development of novel therapeutics with multi-specificity, increased potency and extended half-life.

To enable the development of platforms for T cell redirection, TeneoBio has produced many high-affinity UniAbs specific for human CD3 and various tumor antigens. Such bispecific therapeutic antibodies against multiple myeloma cells are currently in preclinical development.  Blockade of immune checkpoints has been shown to direct T cells against tumors for therapeutic benefit.  TeneoBio has produced several such high-affinity UniDab™ blockers against various checkpoint inhibitors, laying the foundation for multi-specific anti-cancer therapeutics in the immune-oncology space.